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 testing rubric

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PostSubject: testing rubric   Sun Jul 28, 2013 8:04 pm

Banlist: Exodia, burn, stall, or any alternate win condition. Meta decks are okay, but can negatively impact the Deck Creativity score.

Tester's Deck:
Testee's Deck:

Duel Outcome: 2-0 (10/10), 2-1 (7/10) 1-2 (5/10), 0-2 (0/10)

~~~Testee's Deck~~~

Main Deck Build: ?/10
How did the deck look? Were they missing important cards? Does it have a way out of potential threats?

Side Deck: ?/10
Did they have a side deck? Was their side deck well thought out, or was it randomly put together?

Extra Deck: ?/10
Does their extra deck help out in tough situations, or does it trip over itself?{If they don't have an extra deck it's an auto 5 pts

Deck Consistency: ?/10
Do they have a consistent deck, or do they brick often?

Deck Creativity: ?/10
Was their deck original, or did they net deck?

~~~Dueling Skills~~~

Card Rulings: ?/10
Do they know their own card rulings, or did you have to constantly correct them?

Control of the Duel: ?/10
Did they have constant field advantage, or did they struggle to make a single play?

Misplays: ?/10
Did they know their cards and how to use them, or were they constantly making mistakes?

Attitude: ?/10
Were they a friendly opponent, or were they rude?

~~~Tester's Final Thoughts~~~

We're they a strong opponent or do they need help? What can they improve on? Any advice for the testee?

Total Points: /100
0-86 Celtic Green
87-95 Knight Silver
96-100 Luster Blue

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testing rubric
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